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Business Partners

Icetrak is a UK based and owned company specialising in the supply of cloud based text messaging services to the corporate and SME marketplace via our network of business partners.

We focus heavily on our relationships with our partners. In fact 85% of our business comes to us via referrals from partners so we must be doing something right.

Whether you're looking to refer customer interest in text messaging over to us or if you're looking for a white labelled SMS product then you won't go far wrong by working with us. Most of our partners prefer us to handle the enquiry leaving them to concentrate time and resources on their own higher value proposition.

We promise to always remember that any customers are first and foremost yours and we will give 100% to ensure they are completely satisfied with us and our services. Everything we do reflects back on our partners decision to recommend us so we make sure it is all extremely positive.

We will offer all of your customers an obligation free trial so they can try before they buy and ensure they are completely happy with us and the services we offer before they have to spend a single penny.

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